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What is a wall partition?

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When you move into a new building, you may think you are stuck with the layout you are given. However, you can use techniques like raised access flooring, suspended ceilings,…

What is a suspended ceiling and why might you want one for your business?

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All buildings have ceilings. But take a closer look – the ceiling you see might not necessarily be the one that came with the original building! A suspended ceiling is…

What is raised access flooring?

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When space is at a premium in a building, it often makes sense to build up instead of out! Raised access flooring can be an efficient, safe, and cost-effective way of optimising the space in a commercial or residential property.

Why choose a construction company to oversee your project?

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When you have a construction project that needs completing in your business, you may be tempted to jump right in and manage it yourself. However, it’s always best to hire a qualified and experienced construction company to do the work for you.

Why choose Altro Whiterock?

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Why should you choose Altro Whiterock? So you’ve heard that Altro Whiterock may be perfect for you. Maybe you need it for a professional commercial kitchen, a leisure centre, or…

The benefits of raised access flooring

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You might be wondering whether your project needs this secondary flooring structure above the building’s original floor. Whether the building is a new build or an existing historical structure, there are further benefits to a raised access flooring system.

PSR Building, University of St Andrews

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CCL interiors are delighted to have been awarded the above contract for Graham Construction. Package includes Mesic SFS and Joisted ceilings.

Kilpatrick House, Ballymena

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CCL interiors are pleased to be awarded the Kilpatrick House development from Connolly and Fee. This project in Ballymena comprises of 40 general & complex needs apartment for Choice Housing.…

University Of Ulster – Block BC

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CCL interiors are pleased to have been appointed to carry out the Metsec SFS packaged on the new Belfast University campus.

The Grove, Newtownards

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CCL Interiors have been awarded the contract to dry line 16 units for Dunlop Homes at The Grove, Newtownards. This prestigious development includes a mixture of detached and semi- detached…