Wall Partitions

Maximise your use of space with custom-designed partition walls

Partition walls are non-load bearing walls that divide spaces within residential, commercial and industrial buildings. They’re a cost-effective way to create additional offices or meeting areas without making major structural changes, and can incorporate doors, windows or openings. Wall partitions offer privacy, insulation and flexibility of layout while adding a sophisticated decorative flair and maximising your efficient use of space.

This makes partition walls particularly useful for:

  • Offices and conference centres
  • Public buildings
  • Exhibition halls and galleries
  • Educational buildings such as schools and colleges
  • Sports centres and stadiums
  • Hotels
  • Shops

We provide partition walls in a wide range of materials, from solid brick and drywall to lightweight moveable framed systems with folding and sliding partitions. Whether you need a single partition wall for a small office or multiple flexible solutions for a large commercial space, you can trust CCL Interiors for an outstanding service every time.

Common types of partition walls

Stud partitions

Sometimes known simply as stud walls, these partitions are one of the most popular options for a non-load-bearing dividing wall. They’re typically made from insulated plasterboard and wood or metal studs, and provide excellent soundproofing and fire resistance.

Timber partitions

Popular for their natural aesthetic, timber partitions use a wooden framework that’s supported by the floor and sidewalls. While these are often more expensive than other options, they make up for it in style and sophistication.

Glass partitions

While partition walls are typically made from drywall, glass partitions are becoming increasingly common. That’s because they welcome in plenty of natural light and provide an airy, spacious environment.

Key benefits of partitions walls

  • More privacy: Separating offices or workspaces with partition walls allows for greater focus and concentration, and can provide a confidential space.
  • Better soundproofing: The additional barrier against ambient and outside noise provides a much quieter space for work or relaxation.
  • High strength: High-quality partitioning reduces vibrations from floors above and below while offering greater structural stability for heavier additions such as wood veneer doors.
  • Cost effective: Installing a partition wall is significantly cheaper than adding a new solid load-bearing wall and makes future refurbishments much easier to carry out.
  • Environmentally friendly: Since partition walls require fewer materials, many of which have been recycled, they help you lower your carbon footprint.
  • Excellent resistance: The added insulation of partition walls can offer additional protection against fire, moisture and mould, protecting your building and its inhabitants.

Why choose CCL to install your wall partitions?

Trusted throughout the UK and Ireland

CCL Interiors has over 45 years of experience in providing interior fit-out solutions for public and private sectors throughout the UK and Northern Ireland. We design and install custom wall partitions that optimise your use of space and create a beautiful atmosphere for your customers, clients and staff.

Superior quality and compliance

Our technical and installation teams are officially accredited to the highest occupation and Health & Safety standards, and we always comply with all partition wall building regulations. Every wall partition we design is bespoke and beautifully finished as standard to ensure you receive the highest quality in your project.

To see how wall partitions from CCL Interiors could enhance your property, take a look through our latest projects.

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