Why choose a construction company to oversee your project?

  • October 28, 2022
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When you have a construction project that needs completing in your business, you may be tempted to jump right in and manage it yourself.

However, it’s always best to hire a qualified and experienced construction company to do the work for you.

Here are just some of the reasons why you should call on a construction company to manage the work, and why CCL Interiors should be your construction contractor of choice.

1. You get a comprehensive service from beginning to end

Construction isn’t just about laying bricks and building roofs. There’s a lot of additional work that needs to be taken into consideration. For example, needs assessments, feasibility studies, and the selection of subcontractors.

Many businesses think they are in a great position to manage a construction project, only to find themselves completely overwhelmed by the additional tasks that they need to do.

A good construction company (like CCL Interiors) will have lots of experience in seeing projects through from start to finish, meaning nothing is left out of the equation. 

2. You save time and can focus on your day job

Construction projects, whether commercial or domestic, take a lot of time. There are materials to order, sub-contractors to manage, and local regulations to adhere to. This can have a significant impact on your working day, especially if you’re responsible for other tasks.

A construction company has significant experience in these types of projects, meaning they can complete a task in one hour that might take you a full day to do. This means the construction project is more likely to finish on schedule, and you can focus on what you do best in the meantime.

With a construction company on your side, you can concentrate on the big picture at the end, and not the little things that can potentially consume your time.

3. You get a more efficient project 

There’s always the risk that the most well-thought-out projects can rapidly become undone. Low-quality materials, an issue with the local council, or a missed delivery date… all of these issues can negatively affect the progress of your project.

However, a construction company will have the skills and knowledge to identify potential concerns before they become major problems. They’ll then be able to suggest alternative ways of ensuring the project finishes when it needs to. 

For example, let’s say a sub-contractor falls ill and is unable to come to site. In normal circumstances, this may mean having to wait for the sub-contractor to recover, potentially delaying the whole project. However, the construction company will be able to move things around to ensure the project can still move forward or alternatively, call on another sub-contractor to get things done.

The construction company will also keep you on the right side of planning permissions and building regulations, which means you’re always compliant.

4. You see cost efficiencies

One of the main reasons we see businesses manage their own projects is ‘to make savings’. While you may save a little bit of cash upfront by looking after the project in-house, this is a false economy for two reasons.

Firstly, you can waste hours of your employees’ time. Even if they are skilled project managers, they may not have the right experience when it comes to construction. This can lead to them spending a significant chunk of their working day trying to solve problems.

Secondly, a construction company has a vast network of suppliers and sub-contractors to take advantage of. This means you get the right materials and labour for a price that’s right, and can make valuable savings.

5. You’re always in control of the project

Have you ever been asked how a piece of work is going, and you’re not in a position to give a comprehensive answer? When you’re managing a construction project, you may get this a lot, especially if you don’t have much experience.

When you work with a high-quality construction contractor, they’ll offer clear communication at all times. You’ll be typically assigned a project manager, who will provide daily, weekly or monthly updates, as well as answer any ad hoc questions you may have.

This means you always have the latest information at your fingertips and can answer any questions your team or stakeholders have with the utmost confidence.

6. You’re less stressed

And finally, using a construction company means you have a less stressful experience. Your construction company will manage the day-to-day work, and there’s less chance of things going wrong.

Leave the hard work to the construction contractor and enjoy the benefits of the building once it’s ready!


We hope this article has inspired you to choose a construction company for your next project. 

The main reason for choosing a construction contractor to manage your project is their wide range of experience. They’ll use this experience to save you time and money, ensure an efficient project, and erect a high-quality building.


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