How an access floor specialist can help your business

  • June 2, 2023
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An access floor is an elevated floor that provides additional space in your building, with room for wiring, cabling, and pipework. This makes it easy to expand and scale your business without extending your existing building or looking for a larger interior space. 

Not sure if an access floor is right for you? This blog explains all the benefits!

If you’re considering an access floor, you might be tempted to carry out the project in-house. Surely you get more control that way… right?

However, it’s always best to rely on the expertise of an access floor specialist, like CCL Interiors. Here are some of the reasons why:

1. You get a company with the vital experience you need

When you install an access floor in your building, you need it done right first time. A poorly installed access floor can mean time and money spent putting things right, and even lead to injuries. For example, incorrectly positioned cross members can mean floor tiles readily slip off.

A trained, accredited, and experienced specialist will ensure your access floor is installed to an exceptional standard. At CCL Interiors, we’ve installed nearly 4,000 raised floors for our clients, so we know our stuff! 

When we work with you, we’ll carry out an assessment to see what type of access floor is right for your building and whether you’d benefit from any other alternations to improve office efficiency. For example, a partition wall. 

2. You make substantial savings

Using the services of a skilled access floor installer means you save time, and as a result, money. A specialist will be able to solve a problem in one hour when it might take you and your team all day.

Plus, a specialist will have a network of suppliers and sub-contractors, meaning they can purchase products and services at lower prices. This means you get a high-quality access floor at a price that’s right.

3. You have peace of mind that your project is going to plan

When you are managing a project alongside your regular work, it can be easy to miss important things. Forget to place an order, contact building control, or pay your contractors, and your access floor installation may see significant delays!

With an access floor specialist on your side, you can leave the hard work to someone else. Plus, they’ll keep you updated every step of the way, so you always know how the project is progressing. Ideal if you have a lot of stakeholders to keep in the loop!

Our team have nearly 50 years of experience installing access floors and carrying out interior fit-out solutions across Belfast and the rest of the UK. We’re the specialists you can rely on!

Contact us today to find out more about the services we provide and whether an access floor is the right option for your building.