Raised Access Flooring

A raised access floor (also known as an access floor or platform floor) is an elevated floor created above the solid structural slab surface. A void is created in between the two floors ideal for running electrical wiring and mechanical services. Some of the many advantages of raised access flooring include more layout flexibility, better temperature control and the ability to maximise your space.

Why choose CCL for your raised access flooring installation?

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Commonplace in offices, retail buildings and other workspaces, raised access flooring can also be of great benefit to residential properties. Removable floor panels or floor tiles allow quick, easy access for maintenance and reconfiguration as well as more effective heating and cooling systems.

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Whatever your requirements, we are committed to quality and guarantee the highest standards of workmanship – all our installation staff are highly experienced and passionate about the service they deliver.

We design and fit-out interiors to an exceptional standard – our raised access flooring installations are no exception. Each one is individually tailored, perfectly finished and guaranteed to maximise the efficient use of the space.

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