What is an office fit-out? Your guide to interior fit-out solutions


If you’re looking to create a brand new working space for a freshly constructed building, you might be in need of an office fit-out.

Find out more about the benefits of a high-quality office-fit out and how CCL Interiors provide exceptional interior fit-out solutions for every building.

What’s an office fit-out?

An office fit-out is the process of turning an empty space in a building into a fully functional office space that employees can use. It is often referred to as an ‘interior fit-out’.

Imagine your prospective office space is just four walls, a ceiling and a floor – nothing more. 

With an office fit-out, you’re installing lights, adding carpets, bringing in desks and possibly carrying out structural work like a suspended ceiling or wall partition.

Is an interior fit-out the same as a refurbishment?

These terms are often used interchangeably, but they are quite different.

While an interior fit-out refers to transforming an empty space into a functioning office, a refurbishment is all about renovating a space that exists or is already in use. So, for example, modernising and refreshing an existing office space to give it a new lease of life would be classed as a refurbishment.

There are different categories of interior fit-out, with some being very similar to refurbishments. We’ll look at these in more detail later in the article.

What are the benefits of a well-designed office fit-out?

If you have an empty room in your building that you want to use, you’re going to have to carry out some kind of interior fit-out. After all, people can’t work in the dark or without desks!

However, there is a difference between a basic office fit-out and a high-quality one, like the specialists at CCL Interiors can offer. An exceptional interior fit-out solution will:

  • Boost productivity and office morale – one in ten employees are dissatisfied with their office space and feel disengaged as a result
  • Help entice employees back into the office after working from home. One in four employees would be willing to commute an extra 30 minutes a day to work in a perfect office space
  • Make your office space more secure and fire-resistant
  • Provide additional functionality to boost efficiency, for example, collaboration spaces, podcasting areas, or extra storage
  • Make your office space more enticing to visitors and prospective customers
  • Improve ventilation, insulation, and reduce noise, leading to a more pleasant and healthier office environment, with fewer days lost to illness
  • Increase the resale value if you decide to sell the building

It’s vital to get the say of your staff when thinking about an office fit-out. What do they want to see, and what will help them be most productive?

Are there different categories of office fit-out?

Yes, there are three categories. The interior fit-out category you choose will depend on your budget and the limitations of your existing space.

Shell core fit-out

This is when all you have is external walls and basic structures like stairwells and lift shafts, effectively an ‘empty shell’. This is the most comprehensive and expensive of all the interior fit-out options, as extensive structural work is likely to be needed.

Category A (‘Cat A’)

This type of office fit-out may have features like walls, HVAC and fire detection systems already installed. Additional walls and structures may need to be installed, but there will be less work than a shell core fit-out.

Category B (‘Cat B’)

In a Cat B interior fit-out, most of the structure has already been developed and installed. This is more of a renovation, in that you’re updating the décor, installing new lighting and moving in new furniture.

Can I manage an interior fit-out myself?

While you certainly can, it’s something that is often best left to the professionals, especially if the fit-out is a shell core fit-out or Cat A.

An interior fit-out solutions provider like CCL Interiors, will be able to manage your office fit-out from start to finish, get you a great deal on materials and labour, and most importantly, save you time. 

As an example, we’re Northern Ireland’s key supplier of Altro Whiterock, meaning we can install any wall cladding and safety padding efficiently and safely.

Why choose a construction company to oversee your project?

How much does an interior fit-out project cost?

It depends on what needs to be done. The cost of an office fit-out will depend on the size of the office, how much work is needed, and the quality of the materials you want to use.

Working with an interior fit-out solutions specialist means you have better control of your budget and can get things done more efficiently.

CCL Interiors: interior fit-out solution specialists

If you’re considering a fit-out for your building, it’s essential to work with a contractor that has the skills and experience needed to ensure your fit-out project is a success.

We specialise in custom fit-outs at CCL interiors, designing and fitting interiors to an exceptional standard. We work with you, your organisation, and your employees, to develop a bespoke plan of action. This means you get an interior fit-out that not only perfectly matches the look and feel of your building, but keeps staff happy.

Whether you need one office space fitting out or a whole building space, we’re here to help. Contact us today with your requirements and take the first step towards the office fit-out you’ve always wanted.