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45 Years in business

CCL Interiors Ltd is marking its 45th anniversary but instead of feeling nostalgic, we are looking to the future with plans for further development. We have enjoyed rapid growth in recent years during which time has meant we’ve had to move to new bespoke premises after outgrowing our former base.  And just over a year ago, CCL Interiors put down a marker by establishing a regional base in Scotland with the opening of our Glasgow office.

“With the growth and success of the business in mainland UK and with a great proportion of that work being secured in Scotland, the natural progression for us was to open an office in Scotland.  Our location was chosen in Glasgow near Charing cross as this gives us a good central base to cover Scotland and also good transport links between our headquarters in NI and the other sites where we operate in UK,” said CCL Interiors Managing Director, Andrew Montgomery.

CCL Interiors is a leading construction services company providing professional interior fit-out solutions to both the public and private sectors.  Our specialist services range from suspended ceilings, partitions, raised access flooring, lightweight steel framing systems and Altro Whiterock wall cladding.

“The re-brand was very important for moving into new markets in mainland UK. With our previous name of Contract Ceilings Ltd, it was assumed by potential and new customers that we only carried out suspended ceilings, however with the diversification over recent years Suspended ceilings equated for less than 25% of our business revenue.  Whilst we understood the need for a new name less specific to ceilings, we wanted to reflect our heritage therefore re-branded to an abbreviation of Contract Ceilings Ltd (CCL).” said Shaw Montgomery.

The company was established in 1974 by Shaw Montgomery senior as Contract Ceilings Ltd and over the years has built its reputation on providing a first- class service to the construction industry. It is now under the stewardship of Shaw’s sons, Andrew and Shaw who have taken the company to the next level.  Given the diversification of its service range and the penetration into new markets and sectors, Contract Ceilings underwent a rebranding exercise in 2012 to become CCL Interiors Ltd.

“The rebrand was very successful for us and something we needed to do to reflect the wider scope of the work we were undertaking and also to reflect the developments of the company.  We are very proud of where the company has come from and it’s development through the years.” said Shaw.

Andrew Montgomery has more than 30 years’ experience working at CCL Interiors. He became Director in 1997 and since then he has helped successfully oversee CCL Interior’s business development and growth strategy. As a result of the continued success the company benefited from his Directorship. Shaw Montgomery joined CCL Interiors in 2002 and has a wealth of experience in the construction industry. Shaw’s experience and expertise led him to be made Director in 2005. Since then Shaw targeted business growth in the UK mainland and as he had studied in Edinburgh he viewed Scotland as a key target due to existing contacts that he had made through his studies and also through existing contractors who worked both in Scotland as well as Northern Ireland. This is why we have grown to such a level in Scotland in particular.

New office space helping company reach next level

CCL Interiors has moved to new bespoke offices as the company continues to deliver on its plans for continued growth. The progressive company has moved a short distance across the Belfast Harbour Estate to their new home at Unit 16, Pilots View, Heron Road. However the new offices represent a huge step forward as CCL Interiors keeps pace with its rapid increase in turnover.

Four years ago CCL Interiors were turning over around £3 million per year but this figure has now rocketed to £11 million per year with forecasts predicting a turnover of upto £14 million in the next 12 months.  With a workforce of 250 on-site operatives CCL Interiors has never been busier.

CCL Interiors is a leading construction services company providing professional interior fit-out solutions to both the public and private sectors. The company’s specialist services range from suspended ceilings, partitions, raised access flooring, SFS lightweight steel framing systems and Altro Whiterock wall cladding.

The new offices have been kitted out to double up as a showroom to showcase the products and finishes CCL Interiors can deliver for their clients.

“We are very pleased with the new office space,” said Shaw. “We had outgrown our previous office and there was no room for expansion – our new premises give us the capabilities for further expansion which is important. We are aiming to expand further and to increase our market share. In the future we are also keen to explore new markets and to strategically target other areas of growth.”

Managing Director, Andrew Montgomery believes the new office space will help the company attract new business. “It certainly is an impressive space for us to host clients,” said Andrew. “When we sit down to talk to clients here it makes a positive statement.

“When we purchased the premises it was just a shell but we fitted it out to our specification with the backing of our suppliers. It now doubles up as a showroom which is beneficial to ourselves and also our suppliers.”

Andrew predicts a bright future for the company despite a cooling off period in recent months in the construction industry in Northern Ireland.

“It could be a combination of not having a functioning government and the uncertainty around Brexit but things are easing off at the minute,” he said “In terms of Brexit we will deal with it as it comes. We have always been able to react to certain situations and this will be no different. With Stormont not sitting you can see uncertainty creeping into the industry as we have no decision makers at present.  But as a company we are now on a stronger footing to work right across the UK and ROI. We are certainly seeking to continue our growth and see no reason why this can’t continue.”


CCL Interiors Ltd established a base in Scotland last year as the Belfast company underlined its commitment to the UK-wide market place.  In June 2018 CCL Interiors opened its office in Glasgow as part of the company’s wider plans for continued growth.

“We put a lot of focus on Scotland in recent years.  It was important for us to have a physical presence in that market and we are pleased to have grown to become one of the largest fit-out companies in Scotland.” said CCL Interiors Ltd Director, Shaw Montgomery.

“With operating from Belfast this meant we could only carry out large contracts in UK mainland as we would not be as competitive on some smaller works packages. This meant having to let our Clients down on occasion if they needed a small contract carried out. This did not sit well with us as a company as we always want to support the companies who have supported us through our growth. This was the main reason behind opening our Scottish office.”

Alongside Shaw, the Scottish base is operated by Director, Ross McGonigle, Contracts Manager, Gary Duffy and Senior Administrator for Scotland, Michelle Meaney.  “The team in Scotland has a wealth of experience and the office is performing well,” said Shaw.  In recent years the Glasgow skyline has been dominated by cranes as construction projects continue at pace. Shaw predicts an exciting 2020 for CCL Interiors.

“We have some key targets lined up for next year and we are certainly gearing up for a busy year in the Glasgow office.”

CCL Interiors Ltd has been involved in a number of prestigious projects and with a workforce of around 250 on-site operatives the company can take on numerous contracts at the same time across the UK. The opening of a Glasgow office last year is proving very successful with CCL Interiors undertaking a number of high profile jobs in Scotland as well as Northern Ireland, England and ROI.

And to keep track of such large numbers of operatives CCL Interiors has partnered with Kinsetsu to embrace new state- of-the-art biometric software enabling authorised personnel to enter and exit construction sites as well as tracking man hours and assets.

“As our company grows we need to look towards technology such as this and we have been very impressed with this software from Kinsetsu. CCL Interiors has partnered with Kinsetsu to embrace new state-of-the-art biometric software.” said CCL Interiors Managing Director, Andrew Montgomery.